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Next Generation Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth Optimization and Easy Configuration

The Governor uses algorithms instead of static and complicated rule sets to optimize bandwidth utilization. Allow the Governor to auto-select the best settings for your network, or customize your setup manually for maximum control. Installation is as easy as connecting 3 cables and plugging in the device. Immediately after installation, the Governor starts learning about devices on your network and begins optimizing data flows.


  • Can be installed and running in less than 5 minutes.
  • No need for training or dedicated IT staff to configure and maintain rules and policies.
  • Software is updated seamlessly over the cloud.
  • No need for ongoing adjustments as the CirrusWorks Governor’s self-learning algorithm even improves network performance over time.

Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation

The CirrusWorks Governor accomplishes internet bandwidth control by optimizing traffic flows without Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). All analysis is made using Data Link Layer (L2) packet sampling statistics.  Using only data from packet headers, the Governor makes instantaneous decisions about the optimal prioritization scheme to be applied to the traffic. While the impact to users is negligible, the Governor applies a subtle reprioritization of each payload such that no one user impairs the network at the expense of the general population.

The Governor does not utilize or enforce fixed rate-capping; however, the Governor enhances existing rate-capping measures by applying an equitable allocation of available bandwidth to the population of rated users. Some of the data reaching your LAN has travelled a very long way.  In a fixed rate-capping world, some of that data might be rejected, causing retransmissions, and further congesting the network WAN resource. Our rate-capping is dynamic and varies in real time based upon available bandwidth and historical and actual presented data payloads by device.


  • Traffic becomes normalized, averting the rushes and surges often seen in traditional packet shaping implementations.
  • Minimized re-transmissions and lost transmissions altogether, further smoothing network performance.

Cooperative Appliance

The CirrusWorks Governor was designed to co-exist with other packet flow devices on your network, including routers, firewalls, gateways, content filters, traffic shapers and L2 or L3 switches. For networks with special security or numbering requirements, the Governor can easily be made to fit within the structure of almost any network through the on-device Administrator User Interface.


  • The Governor complements your network – maximizing your previous infrastructure investments.
  • The Governor enables effective rate-capping to ensure your premium users get the experience they expect, and mitigates the need to continuously update and configure website filters.

Security Compliant

While not a security device, the CirrusWorks Governor does operate effectively in an end-to-end encryption environment, unlike traditional packet shaping devices. The Governor analyzes and optimizes traffic in the aggregate. This holistic method of bandwidth optimization negates the need to identify data types or perform deep-packet inspection (DPI). Because the Governor is an L2 bridging device, user data packets are never opened at the payload layer, ensuring data confidentiality and packet security.


  • No compromised security protocols or provide additional factors for your GRC. Since the device operates at L2, the Governor works within an end-to-end encryption environment under HTML5.
  • Meets security guidelines and best practices for: HIPPA, VISA PCI and the privacy requirements of most Governments and agencies.


The CirrusWorks Governor provides practical, robust reporting tools, including pre-built dashboards, usage statistics and traffic shaping charts and graphs. Data can be viewed by hour, day or month.  Users have the ability to print or export reports on the fly. For security purposes, the UI is accessible from inside the LAN environment.


  • Identify and pinpoint abusive devices on the network and better predict bandwidth requirements over time.
  • Aggregated statistical information can be used to enhance rules-based tools for rate-capping, white-listing devices and identification of PtoP traffic patterns.


CirrusWorks assembles the Governor devices in a new operations center in Danville, Virginia. The LINUX-based devices utilize standard, off-the-shelf components. Currently, the Governor is available in either shelf-top or 1U rack-mount form factors. LAN speeds up to 1Gbps of throughput are supported.




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